We offer the provision of local and international  services in many areas. To help you to stablish your business in the USA.

Below you will find a list of services offered by our office.



In this e-book you will find explanations on what the EB5 visa is, the requirements that must be observed for the investor’s qualification of the visa, deadlines and values for the investment.


Planning and structuring the best investment is not easy. Choosing experienced and qualified professionals who are able to provide all the information needed to make informed choices is what ensures a successful outcome.

The application of funds abroad, either for obtaining a visa or simply for financial return, should always observe the market trends and legislation.
Loyalty has one of the best professional teams in several areas of expertise and is ready to guide clients and help them achieve their goals.
Let us help you to bring or start your business in the United States.
Investment Visas for Brazil - Portugal - United States - Australia - Spain - United Kingdom.
Visas for transferring American companies and businesses to Brazil.
Residence visas to Brazil.
The creation of a franchise brand or the purchase of a franchise involves legal procedures and records that ensure the safety of all parties involved.

Trademark and patent registration, contracts, manuals, and associations are essential components that must be clearly understood and agreed upon by all parties who are required to comply with the standards and regulations needed for implementation.

With extensive experience in this field, Loyalty’s team of lawyers, managers, and accountants is ready to assist in the registration of its brand and structuring as Franchiser in the United States and also help those who wish to invest in franchises in the United States and seek information about the market, implementation, and planning.
Purchasing a property in the United States, either for leisure or investment, requires a series of legal measures for registration and protection.
Our professionals are ready to assist in the process of choosing and registering the best investment.
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